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Serial Innovator meets Serial Entrepreneur

Upcycle Labs story is as straightforward and simple as our solution.

Barry is a Serial Innovator who retired in his early sixties after a successful business and engineering career. After a few months  of doing nothing, he got bored and started to work on something new.

He’d heard some good things about a Serial Entrepreneur Jack and decided to reach out and tell him what he’s up to. Jack thought Barry’s plan was bold, but Jack likes bold. So, the two instantly connected.

Upcycle Labs was born with initial seed capital invested by Yellow Octopus & PDS Ventures Impact Fund. Today, Upcycle Labs is part of PDS Group.


Barry Kane

Barry began life as a serial inventor over thirty years ago and has had many successful solutions and awarded patents over a long and productive engineering career spanning five decades.

Barry has had extensive experience in multiple industries starting with Helicopters, Commercial vehicle design and build, and latterly polyester manufacturing and multiple other products design and development projects.

Retiring in his early sixties only to discover the mecca most people l long to arrive at, is not for everyone.

He decided to go back to full time work and focus on using his skills and experience on solving one of the most urgent environmental problems. Eliminating waste.


Jack Ostrowski

Serial entrepreneur and Impact Investor in sustainable fashion and technology solutions.

Trusted provider of innovative sustainable solutions to leading global brands and retailers in the fashion industry. Active investor in the field of circular fashion projects.

Jack turns “commercial sustainability” into reality by building profitable business models dedicated to circular fashion.

A highly engaged and principled sustainability champion actively involved in industry associations and advocacy groups promoting the fashion industry’s shift to circular economy based solutions. Multiple business awards’ recipient including The Queens’ Award for Enterprise and EDIE Sustainability Leaders Awards.

Jack holds Masters in International Enterprise from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK and Executive Education Certificates from Harvard Business School and Singularity University in Silicon Valley, CA. Cohort 13 of Masters in Sustainability Leadership from Cambridge University.

Jack’s mantra is “less bullshit, more good shit”.

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